NPR - Runflat

fomd Fairing screenshot 2

NPR-Runflat is a software system developed by MKP for designing and analyzing N-Wheel structure. With this software, a variety of N-Wheels structures and correlative performance analysis results could be obtained by changing design parameters, including inter diameter, outer diameter, supporting height of the top, cycle of different dimensions, the angle of tendine and support, and etc. It should be noticed that function based optimization design is special character of NPR structure deveploed by MKP. According to specific application conditions, the actural amount of layers and cycles and other parameters of N-Wheel could be determined.

The N-Wheel designs generated from NPR-Runflat software system include:

  • A quasi-three dimensional version of N-Wheel.
  • A three dimensional version of N-Wheel.
  • A more advanced N-Wheel design.