Our Values, Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

We develop new modularized product digitization technologies that create digital counterparts of physical components and systems. Using our proprietary technology, we create innovative structural and material solutions with proof-of-concept established through prototyping and testing.

Vision Statement:

To create an entirely new product digitization process. A product created in this environment is a (digital) counterpart of a tangible component (or system) combined with a creative engine allowing virtual testing, modification, prototyping, and innovation.

Value Statement:

We support our clients by providing, high-quality work, efficient delivery, and creative new ideas. We produce long-term relationships, by obtaining trust from our clients while providing a harmonious working environment for our staff.


  • Creativity is the core of engineering.
  • Technology creates jobs, markets, prosperity, excitement, and futures.
  • Quality of work is not measured by the hours spent.
  • Enjoyment is an essential part of creativity.
  • Peace is defined and created by the peace in each person’s mind.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Develop new technologies for modularized product digitization with a focus on automotive and aerospace markets.
  • Develop innovative structural and material concepts for existing and future applications.
  • Obtain patents to protect intellectual property.
  • Develop commercial products lines, with manufacturing partners where appropriate.
  • Build long-term relationships with our sponsors, clients, and investors.
  • Establish long-term financial stability and be profitable for future growth.
  • We endeavor to create a more harmonious world.