fomd HS screenshot 2

FOMD-HS is a software system specifically developed for the horizontal stabilator design problem in an airplane.

The system has the following functionalities:

  • Geometry creation: define geometry of the horizontal stabilator with few parameters including root chord, tip chord, span, sweep angle, skin thickness, airfoil type, and etc. Users can easily modify the major parameters to generate a different horizontal stabilator model for a different aircraft for the purpose of design optimization.
  • Finite element mesh auto-generation: enable user to generate finite element mesh with clicking on a button and to control mesh quality for different design purposes.
  • Loading condition definition: different loading conditions can be defined for both the upper and lower surfaces, with a choice from simplified loading conditions to more realistic loading conditions from aerodynamic theories.
  • Pattern control: special pattern control capabilities have also been imbedded in the current FOMD-HS for providing more control over the manufacturability of the final design.
  • FOMD optimization process: obtain the optimum material distribution in the horizontal stabilator such that the HS can have the best performance with minimal weight.