FOMD - Fairing

fomd Fairing screenshot 2

FOMD-Fairing is a system for conducting optimal design for a general grid-stiffened composite structure, especially rocket fairing structures and substructures. It can be used for design studies of the fairing panel under different loading conditions. Different design objectives may be considered which include minimizing strain energy, minimizing frequency response, and improving dynamic characteristics of the fairing structure.

Five main menus and associated capabilities have been developed for the current FOMD-Fairing system, which include:

  • Geometry definition menu
  • Domain definition menu
  • Loading and boundary condition definition menu
  • Grid pattern control menu
  • Optimization process control menu

With the new design tool, MKP has now developed capabilities for conducting comprehensive design studies for real engineering design problems of grid-stiffened fairing structures. The CAD model generation capability will also be developed to enabling a truly digitized fairing system for automatic manufacturing process.