fomd Axle screenshot 2

FOMD-FRC is a software system specifically developed for designing fiber-reinforced composites for various applications. Though still under development, the preliminary system has already been developed to demonstrate its capabilities.

The following functions have been implemented:

  • Fabric creation: through changing design parameters, such as fiber length, diameter, and woven pattern, various fabric geometries can be easily generated with the graphic user interface.
  • Finite element mesh auto-generation: the finite element data can be automatically generated after completing the geometry definition.
  • Fabric analysis: an advanced non-linear fabric model, in which fiber geometry and interaction are taken into consideration, has been developed at MKP, and this innovative technology is integrated into the system to simulate fibers with much higher fidelity.
  • Composite structure design: with this design tool, special fiber-reinforcement composite structures for various applications can be easily designed.