FOMD - Blast

fomd Blast screenshot 2

FOMD-Blast is a multi-level and multi-scenario blast simulation and design system, which will enable the prediction, design, and prototyping of blast-protective composite structures for a wide range of damage scenarios in various blast events including vehicle rollover, localized structural failure, blast fragment penetration, and crew injuries.

Upon completion, the system will have the following functionalities:

  • Geometry and model generation for landmine, soil, blast-protective composite structures, vehicle model, and occupant model for the specific design problems.
  • Automatic finite element mesh creation for the critical parts in the system.
  • Advanced landmine-soil-composite interaction models.
  • Multi-level analysis and design capabilities for the design tasks such as blast wave deflection, impact resistant, blast energy absorption, and fragment protection.
  • FOMD process, including deflector shape design, composite configuration and raw material selection, and optimal material distribution.
  • Performance evaluation in terms of protecting the vehicle and occupant.