FOMD - Axle

fomd Axle screenshot 2

FOMD-Axle system is a specially developed software system for solid axle design optimization and virtual prototyping. With manufacturability as a consideration, the software systemizes the design optimization and automatic modeling & analysis process.

The following capabilities have been implemented:

  • Geometry creation: input major geometry parameters for a general solid axile for a typical class of automotive vehicles.
  • Automatic finite element mesh generation: enable user to automaticaly generate finite element meshes for the design purpose. Different mesh qualities can be controled by the user for different design tasks.
  • Loading condition definition: define (multiple) critical loading conditions for the axle design problem.
  • FOMD process: obtain the optimum material distribution such that to minimize the critical stresses within the given axle weight.
  • Shape identification and polishing: special capabilities for providing more control over manufacturability and refinement of the final design.