MKP Advanced Non-Pneumatic Wheel

From NPR material to non-pneumatic wheel with NPR structure

Non-pneumatic wheels, especially MKP's non-pneumatic wheels (patent number: US 8, 544, 515 B2), open up a new prospect too replace existing comlicate and expensive technologies and provide an opportunity to further improve automotive performance. It may bring a fundamental revolution to the modern automobiles, because the new non-pneumatic wheels would eventually overcome many limits of the conventional pneumatic wheels. The involved fields are not only suspension system, ABS, traction control, but also transmission, chassis, body, electric control system, and etc.

N-wheel is an innovation wheel invented at MKP, which has an advanced non-pneumatic tire based upon MKP's patented technologies for the production and manufacture of lightweight, high-performance non-pneumatic wheels. MKP has fabricated and road-tested N-wheel prototypes for a commercial truck and cars, demonstrated the feasibility of the N-wheel technologies. The properties of N-wheel enable adjustments in handling, ride quality, and noise reduction. More importantly, N-wheel provides the possibility to develop and integrate new and more advanced technologies, e.g., ABS, TCS, ETS, with better performance and lower cost. Thus, N-wheel will open a new era for advanced tire-wheel technologies.

Advantages of MKP advanced non-pneumatic wheel include:

  • Load-stiffening Negative Poisson's Ratio characteristics
  • Superior lateral stiffness, thus improving drivability
  • Active and semi-active controllable rolling resistance to improve the fuel economy, drivability, braking and other vehicle dynamics performance
  • Based on function-oriented material design (FOMD)
  • Able to improve vehicle ride comfort
  • Can realize passive control, active control, and other funtions
  • With further technology of "variable tread", vehicles can be driving in the best state on different roads without changing tires